Armbar PicThe Kom Do Kwan™ Martial Arts Association seeks to bring together quality Martila Arts School that want to be an active part of a larger organization for purpose of sharing knowledge, networking, and helping each other grow.

The Kom Do Kwan™ Martial Arts Association provides support for martial arts schools to provide quality programs of instruction to their students. Instructors adhere to a strong set of guidelines and standards, but also maintain strong degree of independence and individualism. The Kom Do Kwan™ Martial Arts Association also provides a network of peers and other martial arts professional where instructors can share ideas, exchange knowledge and skills, and support one another.

As member of the Discounts on Kom Do Kwan™ Events Martial Arts Association, you will be part of a family of people with common interests that will support you in accomplishing your goals.

What We Offer

Kom Do Kwan™ Schools gain the following benefits:

    • Rank Certification and Testing
    • Standardized Curriculum Guides
    • Bi-Annual Tournaments
    • Bi-Annual Seminars
    • Training modules to add to your curriculum such as:
    • Discounts on Kom Do Kwan™ Events
      • Joint Locks
      • Chokes
      • Sweeps and Take Downs
      • Weapons (Sword, Staff, Knife etc..)
      • Form Interpretation etc...
    • Business help and advice for setting up your school as a corporation, LLC etc...
    • A knowledgbase of shared video instruction, marketing materials, and forums to commuicate with other instuctors
    • Access to a network of peers and mentors who will support you

Contact Us

If you would like more information please contact us at (512) 333-2460 or email info@komdokwan.com.